It's always fun working on something you are passionate about and enjoy. My particular field of expertise lies in hospitality and as a result, I particularly enjoy getting involved with online marketing in this industry. So Foxglove Bar and Kitchen in Wellington was the perfect fit. I've been working with Foxglove over the last three months to take their online marketing to the next level and am excited to see the results we're getting. 

A focussed content plan and advertising schedule is already seeing their Facebook page go from strength to strength and it's been two months since I was able to hit the Go Live button (so to speak) on their new website. Probably my favourite website build to date.

The next step is to continue honing content ideas and target audiences for the Facebook advertising and launching an efficient email marketing system to really take Foxglove's marketing efforts to the next level. We're also going to begin rolling out advertising on Instagram, refining our Google listing and trialling tangible marketing promotions to get people in the door.

Watch this space. And if you're ever in Wellington, I know a pretty great bar.