Whether you're starting from scratch, have already introduced social media into your business or need social media support on a specific project, Pint Sized can help.




Pint Sized will analyse the right social media platforms for your business then develop a social media strategy and content calendars to suit. Got a specific project in mind? Pint Sized will work with you to map out the ideal social media campaign.



We'll develop and manage your social media presence on the right platforms for your business. We can start from scratch or pick up where you left off. Even if that means picking up the pieces.



Pint Sized will manage all your social media advertising campaigns with full campaign set up, regular optimisation, comprehensive reporting and billing management. We can do some really clever things to track your success rates and create highly targeted audiences.



They used to say an image is worth a thousand words. Now they say a video is worth....well, in Social Media it's worth a lot. Pint Sized produces fun and simple online videos that look fantastic to complement your social media content. 



Pint Sized can not only get your online marketing set up but will also come into your business and get your staff up to speed with managing your social media platforms so, if you choose, you can keep them running successfully from within your business.


Other Services

Pint Sized can also build you a business website, set up and manage email marketing and databases. We work hard to provide fully integrated services to make your online presence as effective as possible.